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Digital Tools for Small-Scale Farms

Profitable and Productive Small Farm Businesses

Farmers selling directly to their customers have more opportunities than ever to create a farm business that fits their income and lifestyle goals. Plantalytics helps manage the financial and operational side of your farm business so you can focus on production and customer relationships. 

With Plantalytics, you can:

  • Visualize your income per sales channel and tweak the numbers to model opportunities with the financial calculator.
  • Determine the profitability of your crops and see which ones are most worth your time.
  • See your estimated workload over the season to know when you might need help (or when to schedule some time off!).
  • Stay on track of long-term goals and production schedules with email updates, custom reminders and team coordination.

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Plan Your Year

Test out different plans based on sales channels, crops and expected expenses to see how they effect profitability projections and fit into your lifestyle.

Set Goals

Determine cost per crop, perform labor audits or just set year-long milestones and we’ll hold you accountable throughout the season.


Create Processes

Create schedules, processes and documentation so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every season or every hire.

Discover Insights

Analyze records to spot patterns specific to your farm and make improvements.


Real-time Dashboard

Keep the pulse on your farm. See upcoming tasks, alerts and how you’re tracking on your plan.

Guided Recordkeeping

We’ll help you remember to capture the right information at the right time based on your goals.

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About Us


We’re a small team with a background in technology startups and a passion for small-scale farming based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our CEO, Nikki, created Plantalytics for her own farm after losing a battle with planning spreadsheet templates. Seriously though, we built this for ourselves and thought the small farm community might find it useful as well. We’re just getting started and would love your feedback so we can make something that is truly helpful.

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The small farming community is in desperate need of software technology that can help us get our farm businesses organized and reduce the hours spent on office work. We’re passionate about creating digital tools that can help small-scale farmers be more productive and navigate the path of profitability with more data.

Why profitability? Because we see profitability as the key to a sustainable farm business and therefore a sustainable food system. When farms are profitable, they stay in business longer – having more impact on the environment and community and creating opportunities for aspiring future farmers.

We believe the small farming community is stronger working together and we’re embracing that spirit of collaboration from the beginning.